What Is Soul-Centered Coaching Psychology?

“The ultimate goal of Jungian psychotherapy is to make the symbolic process conscious” 

~ Edward Edinger, Ego and Archetype

Soul-Centered Coaching Psychology, as envisioned and practiced by Dr. Bonnie Bright, is based on tenets of Depth psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, and Archetypal psychology, as well as on many wisdom traditions. It engages Somatic, Symbolic, and Shamanic approaches for working experientially with clients. Through these three key perspectives, we learn to listen to and translate messages from the soul to help guide our lives.

Understanding and working with the power of a somatic approach grants access to a sense of  being and feeling fully embodied in life.

Using a symbolic perspective, based largely on the work of Carl Jung, we understand that the soul speaks in images and symbols that can give us insights and help create the transformation we are seeking.

Finally, implementing shamanic practices that stem from the oldest organized spiritual system in human history provides powerful tools and perspectives to the soul-centered coaching process to help us access and navigate new kinds of consciousness that go beyond everyday understanding.

Soul-centered coaching is based on the premise that your psyche is the ultimate inner healer, which can provide all the answers you need. In sessions, clients are given guidance as they work with expanded states of awareness in order to identify symbols in the form of  somatic sensations, mental images, or archetypal themes.

Powerful symbols emerge that we can work with together through dialogue, active imagination, dreamwork, creative visualization, ritual, etc. Together, client and coach analyze what the soul self is trying to communicate and how to apply it to your immediate situation in order to attain more consciousness, more freedom, and more joy in everyday life.

The Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching™ offers education, training, certification, and coaching/mentoring services to those who feel called to explore the unconscious, find deeper meaning in life, and to live into their gifts in a soulful and creative way. Please reach out if you are interested in being coached, or getting certified as a Soul-Centered Coach!

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