Trauma, Transcendence, and Jung’s Notion of the Psychoid—Interview with Ann Belford Ulanov


Jungian analyst, Ann Belford Ulanov’s most recent book, The Psychoid, Soul and Psyche: Piercing Space-Time Barriers, explores Carl Gustav Jung’s concept of the “psychoid.”

“Psychoid refers to unconscious processes that are unrepresentable in word or image,” Ulanov says. “We live them, but we don’t know about them. And they can make us feel mad, not angry, but crazy, and I believe they can also be a third source of healing.”

Jung described the unus mundus, or “one world,” as more than psychological. It also has social, international, environmental, chemical, and cosmological properties.

Ulanov is interested in the effects of experiencing the unus mundus, or one world, in a clinical setting, especially when it deals with grave matters like the suffering of trauma.

We all develop coping mechanisms that help us survive trauma, but over time those mechanisms can also cause us to suffer, as they no longer serve us. The psychoid, with its ability to bring forth an experience of unus mundus, or one world, can help release us from those defenses…

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