Soul-Centered Resources in the Time of Coronavirus

Depth Psychology Soul centered coaching solutions in troubled times
In the midst of pandemic and these challenging times , I continue to believe there is an invitation!…not only for each of us individually to step into ourselves more fully—to face our fears, to eliminate what is no longer serving us, and to truly let our Soul Self take over the navigation of our brave and beautiful lives—but also for each of us to come into better relationship with the anima mundi, the World Soul, that knows we are all interconnected.

While I have been writing on this topic for many years, I’m currently also personally taking my own time in this moment to really let myself BE, and challenging the pressure to DO during this incredible and unforeseen pause.

What I have learned is that bowing to the pressure to DO is a project of the ego, but allowing one’s self to BE so we can be deeply rooted into the essence of WHAT IS will allow us to stand tall and strong so we don’t topple under the pressure of the outside world, and so that others can lean on us for our strength in dark times.

Given this, I’m curating here a series of articles from various sources that might appeal as resources, depending where you are in your own relationship with your self, your Soul Self, others offer a more specific depth psychological or transpersonal (soul-centered) perspective.

Each of these was meaningful to me in some way. I hope these are of value to you. Please know that I am here to support you in whatever way I can. Wishing you love and light!

Grounding in the Time of Covid

By Dr. Sally Gillespie

COVID19 is grounding us humans in the biological basis of our being, and the global nature of contemporary life….Only together can we explore the surface and the depths of the collective upheavals and transformations we are destined to live.
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Rushing the Redemption

by Toko-Pa, Author, Mystic, Dreamworker

Nobody is immune to facing crisis at some (often several) pivotal moments in a lifetime. But because crisis of this scale can be excruciatingly long and complex to navigate, the urge to make meaning of it all, to turn it into something productive, is tempting….

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Use Polyvagal theory and somatic psychology to calm stress and anxiety - soul-centered coaching

If There Was Ever a Time to Activate Your Vagus Nerve, It Is Now

Many of you know I’m a fan of the science behind Polyvagal theory and how it might just help us manage stress and trauma via somatic work. Check out this article that offers four simple steps to return to a ‘rest and digest’ state.
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The Soul Wants to Rest During Trauma - How Soul Centered Coaching can help you do just that

Stop Trying to Be Productive

New York Times

This New York Times article challenges us to look at the pressure to be productive…or not!
What are you doing with your time while on stay-at-home orders?Maybe it would be less stressful and more productive in the long run to stop pushing ourselves so hard and let our soul selves decide what they really want and need right now…
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Don’t feel like ‘getting things done’? It’s okay not to be productive during a pandemic

Washington Post

Don’t feel like ‘getting things done’? It’s okay not to be productive during a pandemic. If you’ve found yourself trying to decide whether you should bake bread, join a meditation webinar, create a color-coded home-school schedule, or just curl up in a ball and cry, you’re not alone.
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Soul Centered Coaching helps you change old habits and start over

It’s All Just Beginning

The Point

This is a good time to re-examine your life right now….Any fashion, sensibility, ideology, set of priorities, worldview or hobby that you acquired prior to March 2020, and that may have by then started to seem to you cumbersome, dull, inauthentic, a drag: you are no longer beholden to it. You can cast it off entirely and no one will care; likely, no one will notice. Were you doing something out of mere habit, conceiving your life in a way that seemed false to you? You can stop doing that now…
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Why Am I Having Weird Dreams Lately?

The New York Times

Are we — humanity — dreaming with more frequency, and more vividly, right now? The answer is…likely, yes — at least for many people.
As the new coronavirus’s grip strengthens to a chokehold, waking life itself for many has taken on an odd, dreamlike air. For populations unexpectedly and indefinitely confined to their homes, timekeeping no longer seems staked to the orderly movements of the sun, but tied to a cloud selected at random.
The surreal reality of American cities and towns also mirrors the half-remembered, half-empty approximations explored in sleep, ordered by the same pliable, foggy logic…
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Soul Centered Coaching Solutions to help you awaken and grow during turbulent times

The Coronavirus Contains Its Own Medicine

Awaken in the Dream, by Paul Levy, Author of The Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

It would take something truly radical—for example, to let the imagination run wild, an invasion by evil aliens from outer space—to snap humanity out of our collective spell of thinking that we are separate from each other so as to inspire us to join forces with each other (adversaries included) to be able to successfully deal with a collective existential threat to our very survival. It is an archetypal idea that forces that would do evil invariably wind up catalyzing a greater good.
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Depth Psychology and Jungian perspectives are a fundamental aspect of soul-centered coaching

The Saint, the Poison and the Power of Words

By Mythologist Michael Meade, Mosaic Voices

On this episode of Living Myth, Michael Meade uses an ancient story from India to reflect on leadership and language during this painful period of pandemic. In the old tale, a wandering saint or sadhu teaches a snake that has been spreading poison amongst the local villagers to become peaceful. A second story, from the Sufi tradition, demonstrates the importance of language in a crisis and dramatizes the healing power of words.
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“Being fully present to fear, to gratitude, to all that is—this is the practice of mutual belonging. As living members of the living body of Earth, we are grounded in that kind of belonging. Even when faced with cataclysmic changes, nothing can ever separate us from Earth. We are already home.”
—Joanna Macy

“Some day after we have mastered the winds, the waves and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love; and then for a second time in the history of the world, humans will have discovered fire.”
—Teilhard de Chardin