Frankenstein’s Monster, the Plight of our Planet, and Seeds of Hope—Interview: Robert Romanyshyn

In this hour-long interview, Robert Romanyshyn and Bonnie Bright discuss Frankenstein, the Monster, and the plight of our planet.

Depth psychology interview with Robert Romanyshyn and Bonnie Bright
Book by Robert Romanyshyn: Victor Frankenstein, The Monster and the Shadows of Technology

Focused on Romanyshyn’s new book, Victor Frankenstein, the Monster, and the Shadows of Technology: The Frankenstein Prophecies (May 2019), the pair engage in depth psychological perspectives on culture, crisis, poetry, imagination, embodiment, community, and dreams, among other important topics.

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New (May 2019)!—WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT of Frankenstein, the Plight of the Planet, and Seeds of Hope—Robert Romanyshyn in Conversation with Bonnie Bright for Depth Insights™
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About Bonnie Bright

Bonnie Bright, Ph.D., is a transformative, soul-centered coach (via Alef Trust) and a certified Archetypal Pattern Analyst® (via Assisi Institute). She earned M.A. degrees in Psychology at Sonoma State University and in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she also received her Ph.D.. She is the founder and Director Emerita of Depth Psychology Alliance™, an online community for everyone interested in Jungian and depth psychologies. Bonnie served as Executive Editor of Depth Insights™, a scholarly journal which she created, for six years, and she regularly produces audio and video interviews on Jungian/transpersonal/depth psychological topics. She completed a 2-year training in Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies with West African elder Malidoma Somé; and she has trained extensively in dreamwork, Holotropic Breathwork™, and in the Enneagram. Her interests in archaeology, ecology, anthropology, shamanism, history, and culture have led her to travels in nearly 40 countries around the world.