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Table of Contents
Issue 2, Spring 2012

The Rock Star and the Transcendent: Archetypal Paradox and Tension  in Consumerist Mythology
by Jordan Shapiro

The United Psyche of America: A Depth Psychological Inquiry into Immigration at the American-Mexican Border
by Ipek S. Burnett

The Vulnerable Heart: Falling in Love as an Individuating Experience
by Rosemary Freeman

Practical Spirituality: A Jamesian Perspective on Transcendent Experience
by Paul DeBlassie III

The Boy with No Arms: Encountering the Archetypal  Pattern of the Shaman
by Dennis Pottenger

I, Medusa: A Personal Narrative of the Transformation of the Gorgon
by Bonnie Bright

The Turning
by Jane Yeager

Film Review: The Union of Opposites in The Tree of Life
by Oliver Gifford

Eurydice – Part II:  A Letter to Orpheus, From the Underworld
by Elisa Nodine

Book Review: Melina Costello, Seeking the God of Ecstasy: A Spiritual Journey of Sexual Awakening
by Robin Robertson


About this Issue:
Depth Insights, Issue 2

Depth Insights, a Media Partner for  Depth Psychology Alliance

Rebecca Livingston Pottenger

Executive Editor
Bonnie Bright

Editorial Selection Committee

Cerena Ceaser
Sally Durham
Mary Fullwood
Maria Hess
Joshua Koleszar
Paco Mitchell
Carolyn Millar
Char Paul
Dennis Pottenger
Kathryn Quick
Bob Quinn
Carol Rizzolo
Ileen Root
Siona Van Dijk

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Special thanks to Elaine Drew (a.k.a. Carla Young) for the cover art “The Portal” also used in the fragments that appear next to the title of each article. “The Portal” is done with egg tempera and gold leaf on panel. It symbolizes the birth of consciousness.

About Elaine Drew: Carla Young sprung from the head of Elaine Drew when she began writing and illustrating The Daily Dreamer blog under that pseudonym. Her paintings explore mythical and dream material. Recent publications include Tales in the Night Sky, a mythical introduction to stargazing, and The Adobe Illustrator CS5 Wow! Book. Visit her blog on art and dreams at http://youngandjung.blogspot.com

Editorial from Rebecca Livingston Pottenger

As I write this I am breathing a sigh of pride and relief that our second issue of Depth Insights has come to completion. In the next few weeks, watch for web version with comment boxes for each essay. We hope this will foment discussion and continued exploration of themes among readers and authors. In this way the e-zine becomes a living document.

With insight and originality, the authors have brought a depth psychological lens to a wide range of topics. “The United Psyche of America” and “The Rock Star” address political, social, and cultural issues. Readers are invited into the process of transformation through experiences that break us in “The Turning” and   “The Vulnerable Heart: Falling in Love as an Individuating Experience.” “The Boy with No Arms: Encountering the Archetypal Pattern of the Shaman” yields insights into the intersubjective field in psychotherapy. “Practical Spirituality: A Jamesian Perspective on Transcendent Experience” and the film review of The Tree of Life both explore human consciousness and transcendence. We are engaged in a deepened understanding through the personification of myth in “I, Medusa” as an initiatory journey and in “Eurydice-Part II: A Letter to Orpheus,” as a rendering of the feminine voice of irresolvable longing.

For me, the best part of my job is reading and learning from every submission we receive. The most difficult part is choosing which ones to include. In this process, the review of anonymous submissions by

members of the Depth Insights Editorial Selection Committee was invaluable, and provided the backbone of the body of work presented here. We hope you will enjoy–find both provocative and moving–the offerings that emerged and comprise this issue.~Rebecca

Rebecca Livingston Pottenger has a Masters in Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. In her work as a Marriage Family Therapist Intern, she is especially interested in imaginal psychotherapy, Jungian-oriented dream work, and the relationship between imaginal, shamanistic, and somatic healing practices.