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Holding Center: Ecopsychological Portraitures on the Poetics of Place
By Dana Swain

Becoming Real: Seeing Through the Eyes of the Velveteen Rabbit
By Marta  Koonz

Fishing for the Salmon of Knowledge
By Catherine Svehla

A Soul Unleashed: The Archetype of Partnership, Dangerous Beauty and the Art of Relationship
By Cathy Lynn  Pagano

New Grange: The Mystery of Speech
By John Woodcock

The Study of Dreams from Freud to Jung
By Elise Wardle

Talking About Dreams and Bones
Bonnie Bright in Conversation with Authors Russell Lockhart and Paco Mitchell

Review of  Jung and Phenomenology  
by Roger Brooke By Matthew Gildersleeve

“Liana’s Sacred Hands”: New Myth #67
By Willi Paul

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Congratulations to the “Conversations between a Psychologist and a Poet” 2015 Poetry Contest sponsored by Depth Psychology Alliance

Mary Pierce Brosmer (Winner)

Roz Bound (Honorable Mention)

Bonnie Pfeiffer (Honorable Mention)




Melissa La Flamme
Donna May
Eva Rider
W. P. Basil
Mary Ann Bencivengo
R. L. Boyer
Matthew Fishler
J R Romanyshyn
Roy Rosenblatt




Debra Goldman (includes our cover art this issue)
Vera Long



From the pen of Jesse Masterson

We are here in this community of Depth Insights brought together under the auspices of depth psychology. As we go about research, writing, teaching, therapy, or as practitioners, how often do we stop and consider our individual social location?   Many authors, including Kovach 2010 and Smith 2012, state the importance of social location as we engage communities. Knowing ourselves and where we are socially located moves us away from universalizing our individual experience as the experience of all peoples. Knowing our individual social location gives us an understanding of the impacts race, gender, sexual orientation, economic class, and the myriad of ways we identify ourselves and are identified by others. It becomes imperative as we work in depth psychology to understand our individual social location and the many ways it intersects with depth psychology.

Equally important to our work in depth psychology is the personal exploration of the purpose of our work or it not so subtle terms, how do we become clear, to ourselves and to others, what the motivations are behind what we are doing in depth psychology? The motivations might be personal, spiritual, economic, academic, to be a better person, to save the world, or many other reasons but whatever our motivations may be we must be clear about them.

In this issue of Depth Insights, we are embarking on ground that is at once new and also old to depth psychology. Everything exists interrelated to other beings and other objects and these selected pieces of artwork, poetry, and essays offer you the reader the opportunity to make meaning from the interrelationships between the different pieces. In addition, how might you be making meaning about the motivations of the artist, poet, or author? In what ways do you read a poem or essay or see a painting, photo, or any type of visual art and make meanings about the social locations of the author or artist? Almost all of us do make these leaps about who the author or poet is, and it is usually subtle, beneath the radar, lurking in our shadow, all the while just out of reach of our conscious mind.

This issue of Depth Insights has great artwork, poems, and essays and I hope you find them worth your while as you explore the ways you make meaning out of them and with them. You the reader are the co-creator of each work as you engage it, work it, and let it work you. May these offerings be just what you need in this moment and time.


Kovach, M. (2010).  Indigenous Methodologies: Characteristics, Conversations, and Contexts. [Kindle Edition].

Smith, L. T. (2012).  Decolonizing methodologies: Research and indigenous peoples. New York, NY: Zed Books.

Jesse Masterson  holds Masters degrees in Counselor Education, Divinity, and Depth Psychology and is a Ph.D. candidate in Depth Psychology: Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and Ecopsychology. He has extensive training in Satir Family Therapy, Buddhist Psychology, Interfaith Spirituality & Counseling, Euro Shamanic & Pagan practices, as a healer and as a mindfulness/meditation instructor. Jesse is on the organizational board of the Depth Psychology Alliance, co-editor of Depth Insights e-zine and is on the editorial board for Immanence: The Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend, and Folklore.



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