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Table of Contents
Issue 5, Fall 2013

“Dreaming for Our Survival”
by Meredith Sabini”

“Trickster and a Comedian Walk into a Bar: The Sacred Art of Transformation”
by Keith Morrison”

“A Spoonful of Depth Brings the Soul to Life: The Psychology of Mary Poppins”
by Stacey Jill Zackin

“Disenchantment, Disillusion and Dissolution in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath”
by Susan Schwartz

“A Hymn to Nature: Entering the Wilderness”
by Brenda Gesell

“Graphological Portrait of Isolation: Emily Dickinson and Today’s Society”
by Lisa Schuetz

“Living on the Land: “The Earth Itself to Nobody”
by Carla Paton

“Fana and Pathologizing: Sufi Ego-Annihilation and James Hillman’s Idea of the Suffering Soul”
by Michael Bogar

“Forest Vibrations * Sacred Lights” Childrens Video: New Myth #42”
by Willi Paul

“Poetry and Art Issue 5”

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Depth Insights, Issue 5

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Note from the Editor

On behalf of Depth Insights and Depth Psychology Alliance, I am pleased to bring you the Fall 2013 issue of Depth Insights eZine. I believe we are at a critical juncture in our culture where globalization has made the world smaller than ever before, and our actions as a collective society are beginning to take a toll on the earth and our well-being.

Life as we know it is also more tenuous for individuals and communities everywhere because of the vast network of interconnectivity we’re experiencing, whether it be economics, politics, environmental and climate issues, or social issues. For me, it makes it all the more important to look at what’s happening around us with a depth psychological lens in order to better understand and hold the tension.

In this issue, eight individuals from the depth community share their valuable and eclectic depth insights on the world around us, beginning with Dr. Meredith Sabini who reflects on “Dreaming for Our Survival.” There are also two excellent essays with an ecopsychological perspective, three that bring the feminine to the fore as various aspects of Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson and yes!–Mary Poppins–are examined with a depth lens. Finally, articles comparing Trickster and the Comedian, as well as Sufism with the ideologies of James Hillman, round out the issue.

Too, don’t miss some eclectic art, video art, and poetry from our fine community, including the lovely cover art courtesy of Alliance member, Roberta Ann Busard.

Gratitude to all who contributed to the hundreds of hours in the making of this very intensive issue, especially Editor Paco Mitchell and GreatGraphicLayouts.com diva, Stephanie Kunzler. The web pages version of the ezine will go up in a week or two atwww.DepthInsights.com, so be on the lookout for the online option coming soon.

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In soul,
Bonnie Bright,
Executive Editor


Editorial from Acting Editor, Paco Mitchell

Less than a year before he died on June 6, 1961, Jung wrote a stunning letter to art critic Sir Herbert Read. Although the main topic concerned trends in modern art, Jung‘s observations had expanded by the end of the letter to include the modern condition, as well as our uneasiness before the unknown. Today, more than half a century later, Jung’s words reverberate more than ever:

The great problem of our time is that we don’t understand what is happening to the world. We are confronted with the darkness of our soul, the unconscious. It sends up its dark and unrecognizable urges. It hollows out and hacks up the shapes of our culture and its historical dominants. We have no dominants anymore. They are in the future. Our values are shifting, everything loses its certainty . . . Who is the awe-inspiring guest who knocks at our door portentously?

By this personified metaphor Jung gave voice to the experience of increasing numbers of depth psychologists, artists, seekers, thinkers and others—for whom the objective psyche in its deeper dimensions will be the source of guiding wisdom. Jung insists:

We have simply got to listen to what the psyche spontaneously says to us. What the dream, which is not manufactured by us, says is just so. . . . It is the great dream which has always spoken through the artist as a mouthpiece. . . . What is the great Dream? It consists of the many small dreams and the many acts of humility and submission to their hints. It is the future and the picture of the new world, which we do not understand yet. We cannot know better than the unconscious and its intimations. There is a fair chance of finding what we seek in vain in our conscious world. Where else could it be?

The spirit Jung evokes in this letter—to greet the Coming Guest, in humility and in submission to the psyche’s own hints—attends the efforts of all who seek to give form to the visions rising from the depths. Similarly, it is in that very spirit that Depth Insights offers this selection of essays—each, in its own way, illuminating a small portion of the dark path we all tread.

Paco Mitchell has studied dreams and depth psychology since 1972. During that time he has practiced as a Jungian Therapist, operated his own art bronze foundry as a sculptor, and performed as a flamenco guitarist. He holds advanced degrees in Romance Languages from Stanford University, and Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon


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