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Table of Contents
Issue 4, Spring 2013

Dream Remedies: Music and Psyche
by Travis Wernet

Jerusalem Stone: A Confession of Faith in Stone  
by   Aviva Lev-David

Bricolage: Psyche’s Eco-Healing Agent
by April Heaslip

The Archetypal Field of Leadership
by Silvia Behrend

A Horizon in Every Direction: Engaging the Soul of the Great Plains and the Smoky Hill Trail  
by Carla Paton

Dreams in the Talmud and in Depth Psychology
by Susan Vorhand

The Role and Value of Dreams in a Post-Apocalyptic Future
by Paco Mitchell

Poetry and Art

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Editorial from Acting Editor, Paco Mitchell

When we refer to something as crucial, we usually mean that we have arrived at the crux of a matter, a decisive point in time where paths cross and diverge, and outcomes are decided. This is where we are today—living through a crucial time in history, facing the crux of what it is to be human on this planet, standing at a cross-roads, making choices that will determine outcomes well into the future.
But the basis upon which we make those choices cannot continue unchallenged—the very basis of how we understand ourselves must change. Otherwise, we will simply follow the same tracks that have led us to the problems we presently face. But how are we to reach a different understanding, and on what basis? If the foundation of our awareness remains unchanged, is anything really different?
This is where the immense value of depth psychology comes into play. Any understanding of ourselves and the world, that seriously takes into account the objective reality of the psyche, the mystery of the unconscious and the vast creativity of dreams, can potentially lead us to a revision, even a re-birth, of the epistemological ground beneath our feet. The boundaries of our definitions of what is real and true may be expanded, revitalized.
But the insights of depth psychology have little traction if they only remain at the level of theory. For healing transformations to take place, insight must be lived out and tested in the crucible of experience. That may be one reason why William Blake proclaimed that “Eternity is in love with the productions of time.”
Depth Insights provides a forum for explorers in depth psychology, a place to compare notes, to share dreams and visions, to give voice to unusual experiences, and in so many ways to contribute to the formation of a new basis for human choices. With the benefit of the creative unconscious, we may find that old and new ideas, images and impulses, can mix, fuse and flow together into new forms of life. Increasingly, as more of us succeed in giving voice to our experiences of the numinous and the mundane, in one-and-the-same-breath, a re-sacralization of the world inches closer to realization.
I look upon the offerings in this issue of Depth Insights as an array of nutrients for mind, body and soul, to be enjoyed like Spanish tapas, if you will—in the form of words and images born out of individual experience. Precious few publishing venues today bring to the surface so many varied perceptions from the depths, and in such generative ways. In this respect alone, Depth Insights stands out like a beacon in the modern storm of paper and pixels.
In publishing, the selection process is always agonizing, since all contributions are valued, whether chosen for publication or not. Thus, sincere thanks must go to all contributors for their efforts, and to all members of the Reading and Selection Committee as well, for their unsung labors in the background. This e-zine would not be possible without them—contributors and reader/evaluators alike.
Special thanks to Rebecca Pottenger, who has shouldered a large part of the editorial for the past two years, and honors to Bonnie Bright, both for her conceiving Depth Insights and for her unceasing labors on its behalf ever since.
And so, valued readers: Read on! Enjoy!

Paco Mitchell  has  studied dreams and depth psychology since 1972. During that time he has practiced as a Jungian Therapist, operated his own art bronze foundry as a sculptor, and performed as a flamenco guitarist. He holds advanced degrees in Romance Languages from Stanford University, and Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon


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