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Table of Contents
Issue 3, Fall 2012

On Becoming a Psychologist:   An Archetypal Love Story
by Robert D. Romanyshyn

Hijacked by a Dream
by Paco Mitchell

The Shadow of Yoga: Reflections on the Soul/Spirit Distinction
by Jason Butler

Jung’s Reception of Friedrich Nietzsche: A Roadmap for the Uninitiated
by Dr. Ritske Rensma

A Jungian Interpretation of the Jewish Tale Miriam’s Tambourine
by Natasha Morton

The Soul of the Soldier: An Archetypal Inquiry into the Rhetoric of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
by Ipek S. Burnett

Why the Men Went into the Woods: Jungian Psychology and the Archetype of the Wild Man
by Dennis Pottenger

Poetry and Art

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About this Issue:
Depth Insights, Issue 3

Depth Insights, a Media Partner for  Depth Psychology Alliance

Rebecca Livingston Pottenger

Executive Editor
Bonnie Bright

Editorial Selection Committee

Bob Quinn
Bridget Carlson
Carol Rizzolo
Carroll Strauss
Dennis Pottenger
Maria Hess
Matthew Thomas
Paco Mitchell
Siona van Dijk
Stephanie Kavoulakos
Susanne Dutton
Wael Al-Mahdi

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From the Executive Editor, Bonnie Bright:

There’s a lot going on the planet today, much of it disturbing if you follow the evening news. With so much technology around us providing instantaneous
access to information and events around the world, it’s easy sometimes to feel
overwhelmed and lose a sense of center and self.

According to recent conversations I’ve had with others, I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that time is speeding up and globally, things are spiraling out of control on many fronts.

However, this is why I continue to believe so strongly that depth psychology
offers us the opportunity to maintain our reflective center and to look beyond the
surface of everyday events. Paying attention to how the inner world mirrors the
outer—and vice versa—is such a powerful tool for insight and growth, both personally
and collectively.

It is in this spirit of opening to what is hidden, forgotten, lost, abandoned or
invisible in the self—even as we reel from disquieting events in the outer world—that
I hope you will enjoy the wisdom and beauty of the works offered in this issue of Depth Insights.

Huge thanks to the contributors, selection committee, and especially to editor Rebecca Livingston Pottenger for coming together to make it happen.


Bonnie Bright  is the founder of  Depth Psychology Alliance, the world’s first online community for Depth Psychology. She has an M.A. in Psychology from Sonoma State University and in Depth Psychology   from Pacifica Graduate Institute where she is also completing a Ph.D.