Art from Issue 7

Debra writes:

“I am an American-born artist and a mother of two children.

Of equal importance to these two significant aspects of myself I also have an  ongoing commitment to working and witnessing in creative ceremony and ritual,  in mentoring women in workshops that include Story, Art and Transformation  and in living on a small organic farm in the Pacific Northwest.

This current work explores ideas of planetary healing through the metaphorical  process of Kintsugi, the art of golden repair.”

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About Recordar: encaustic paint on board, 16″x12″, 2014

Debra’s image, Recordar, “to pass back through the heart”, is featured on our cover this issue as well as fragments next to the titles of each of our essays in the PDF version.


Kintsugi 1 by Debra Goldman mixed media on board, 12″x9″, 2014


Kintsugi 2 by Debra Goldman acrylic paint & encaustic on board, 24"x18", 2015
Kintsugi 2 by Debra Goldman
acrylic paint & encaustic on board, 24″x18″, 2015



Title: Hetaira Mediatrix Tryptich
by Vera Long

VeraLong-Mediatrix (1) storm, brewing-Vera-Long 30 x 40 inches pastel and sumi ink on paper 2015 MED
Vera Long Mediatrix (1) storm, brewing Vera Long 30 x 40 inches pastel and sumi ink on paper 2015 MED



VeraLong-Mediatrix (2)-eternal,-moment-Vera-Long-30-x-40-inches-pastel-on-paper 2014 MED
Vera Long Mediatrix (2) eternal, moment Vera Long 30 x 40 inches pastel on paper 2014 MED



VeraLong-Mediatrix (3)-'ten-feather-fire'-30'-x-40'-pastel-on-paper-MED
Vera Long Mediatrix (3) ‘ten feather fire’ 30′ x 40′ pastel on paper MED

These ‘Hetaira Mediatrix illuminations’ were inspired by an archetypal workshop conducted by Gary Bobroff, M.A.


About the Artist
A key word to describe Vera Long‘s art and life would be vitality. She simultaneously dwells in a netherworld of tactile emotion and refined ambiguity while exploding out with fierce mark-making and completely unrestrained color. She communicates a boldness of statement but with a subtle peripheral sensibility. She grew up in Los Angeles attending French and art schools. She left the urban jungle for another, traveling to Africa and living with the nomadic people of Uganda—the Karamojong.

She was a wild land firefighter for 6 years before starting a family. Her family narrowly surviving a landslide reignited a fierce passion for direct interaction with life through the numinous and unseen in art, which makes her doubly happy to call the spiritually-minded enclave of Ojai home.

She is an avid fan of Jungian depth psychology and Toni Wolff’s feminine archetypal work in the context of exploring and uncovering personal mythologies as well as dream interpretation. She is a member of the Ojai Studio Artists and is currently teaching a series of workshops in the ancient and beautifully meditative practice of Suminagashi and Turkish marbleizing with vividly colored waterborne inks onto silk—known as ‘Ebru’ (word derived from Ebrî : “cloud” and Abrû : “water surface”). To see more work, visit