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Depth Insights Issue 10-Summer 2017

The most recent issue of Depth Insights is Issue 10, Summer/Fall 2017

Download Issue 10, Summer 2017, as a PDF—Suggested donation: $10 (faster download)

Download Issue 10, Summer 2017, as a PDF—Suggested donation: $10 (print quality images)

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Depth Insights™ is a semi-annual journal that has served as the primary scholarly peer-reviewed depth psychology publication  for the online community, Depth Psychology Alliance, since 2011.

All articles and essays undergo peer review and editing to meet our high standards  for publication. The Founder and Executive Editor is Bonnie Bright. If you would like to guest edit an issue, please  contact us.

Huge thanks to the Depth Insights Editorial Board for their contributions to our current issue!


The mission of Depth Insights is to make depth psychology more accessible to everyone by publishing well-written, high  quality depth-psychology-based  articles, essays, poems, and art that  best  illustrate how depth  psychology can enhance the lives of those who engage with information and practices aimed at accessing the unconscious. When we begin to understand the symbols and messages that come through from the unconscious to help orient and guide us in daily life, these insights help us make meaning.

Depth Insights  journal  appeals to  a wide audience, from those who are new to Jungian and depth psychological ideas as well as to those who are seasoned scholars and practitioners in the field.

Each issue is provided as a downloadable PDF as well as a set of easy-to-navigate  web pages.  Please consider a small donation  to  help  us continue to bring you this labor of love. Each dollar helps us offset the cost of evaluating submissions, reviewing and editing articles,  creating  the layout, and hosting and maintaining the website.
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Depth Insights is NOT currently taking submissions as we are on hiatus.

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