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Depth Psychology News--February 2013
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Depth Psychology Alliance NewsSummer 2013
In This Issue
New Interview on Depth Psychology in Leadership
Interested in Presenting Your Material to the Community? Find out how!
Additional Alliance Admin BoardMembers Needed
Last Call for Submissions
Featured Audio Interview: Creative and Therapeutic Uses of Tarot
Large Sandplay Collection for Sale
What's HOT on the Alliance
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Dear Depth Community,


As the Northern Hemisphere heats up for summer, we're excited to share some "hot" new depth psych news and initiatives with you. First, the Depth Alliance Administration Board is hard at work on finding ways to bring you more value and content. If you're interested in the idea of offering teleseminars, webinars, discussion groups, or courses in the community FOR the community, be sure to read the details below and click on the short survey to let us know what you have to offer. 

Second, depth psychology in leadership, and especially in the business world is a growing topic of interest. I invite to you to check out a new written interview, "Seeing the Shadow-The Importance of Depth Psychology in Leadership: An Interview with David A. Laveman & Bonnie Bright for Depth Insights™"

Read on for other news, info, and special offers, and come check in with the community when you have a moment to see what else is going on.
David A. Laveman
David A. Laveman
Seeing the Shadow: The Importance of Depth Psychology in Leadership--A Written Interview with David A. Laveman & Bonnie Bright for Depth Insights 

In this written interview, Depth Insights host Bonnie Bright interviews David A. Laveman, who brings depth psychology insights into the business world to help executives and organizations to raise the bar on performance and deliver breakthrough business results.

Here Dave shares how depth psychology plays a role in leadership, a critical aspect inside and outside the corporate world today.

We invite you to weigh in and comment on this interview, and watch for more information a potential new group forming in the Fall on the Alliance on depth psychology in business and leadership.

Click here to access the interview now

community education
Interested in Presenting or Teaching Your Material in the Depth Alliance community? -- Take our survey!

The Depth Psychology Alliance Administrative Board is gauging members' interest in becoming Depth Educators for a Community Education Program. This program would allow qualified individuals in the community to offer teleseminars, webinars, discussion groups, courses, and more to the community at large using Depth Alliance software and systems. Training on using the software or systems would be provided for those that qualify. 


This could be great way for presenters and educators to share their knowledge and get exposure for the depth work they are doing in the world. If you are interested in potential participation in this program, please click here to fill out a short survey.

Depth Psychology Alilance Board 2013
Call for Administrative Board Members 
for Depth Psychology Alliance

Depth Psychology Alliance is currently seeking new administrative board members to join our existing board.

Our board members work to actively strategize, implement, and administer current and new programs within the community.


The board currently consists of seven members, led by founder Bonnie Bright. We are a fairly new group made up of diverse individuals who work well together and strive to keep things simple and low-stress. Help us move Depth Alliance into the future!  


Click here to see more about this exciting opportunity 

Depth Insights scholarly ezine Spring 2012 Last Call for Submissions:
Fall 2013 Issue of Depth Insights Scholarly eZine

Deadline extended to July 7 for submissions for articles and essays for the Fall 2014 issue of Depth Insights. Deadline for poetry & art still ends July 1.


Submit your essay or article on archetypes, dreams, Jungian themes, cultural topics, ecopsychology, mythology, shamanism, astrology, tarot, or depth psychological analyses of past or current events. We also welcome book and movie reviews.





shrink rap radio with dr. david van nuys
Featured Audio Interview: Shrink Rap Radio & Dr. Dave
"Creative & Therapeutic Uses of Tarot" with Andrew Matzner, MSW 

Join host Dr. Dave Van Nuys with Andy Matzner, a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist. Andy also is adjunct faculty at Virginia Western Community College (in the mental health and psychology programs) and Hollins University (Gender and Women's Studies).

In addition to his MSW, Andy has a master's degree in anthropology and a master's in European Languages and Literatures (perhaps one day he'll be able to trade them all in for a PhD). As a therapist, Andy specializes in serving transgender clients in southwest Virginia (where resources are quite slim).


large sandtray collection for sale
Large Sandplay Collection for Sale
Large Sandtray Collection For Sale

There are well over a thousand figures in this collection including everyday people of all ethnicities, historical characters from many eras and a wide variety of super-heroes, animated characters, anime characters, smurfs, religious icons from most traditions, including a large collection of brass figurines from Hindu and Buddhist traditions. There is also a far ranging collection of houses and urban dwellings, trees, foliage, fences, bridges, and key household items.
Danna is willing to discuss the collection with anyone who is interested in purchasing the whole collection, a portion of it, or some figures. She can be reached at or 503.388.2093


What's HOT on the Alliance
speedy fast blog or website setup
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to inquire and reference "Depth Psychology Alliance Summer Newsletter" to get the discount.
Offer Expires: July 15, 2013
jung platform
For a limited time only, Jung Platform is offering the Jung Society of Utah "Season 4" audio lecture package for only $79 (Regular $139).
(Enter the code "DEPTH" at checkout to get the special price).

David Cumes - An Indigenous Approach to Dreams

Lionel Corbett - Jung's Approach to Spirituality and Religion

Diane Musho Hamilton - The Miracle of We

James Hollis - The Psychospiritual Dilemma of Our Time

Coleman Barks and David Darling - An Evening of Rumi's Poetry with music and commentary

Stephen Aizenstat - Tending the Living Image: A Dream Tending Lecture

Bob Walter - Mythology, Health, and Healing

Michael Meade - Why the World Doesn't End

Richard Kradin - The Placebo Response: Power of Unconscious Healing


Click here to order. 

(Don't forget to Enter the code "DEPTH" at checkout to get the special price of $79).

Offer Expires: July 15, 2013
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