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REVISED- Depth Psychology News--September 2012
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Depth Psychology News

In this Issue
:: Interview on Poetry and Being a Jungian Analyst with Dr. Paul Watsky
:: Fall Fundraiser for Depth Alliance
:: Event Report & Earthrise Presentation Video with Craig Chalquist
:: October Free Online Book Club Tended by Paul Watsky
:: Announcing a New Strategic Alliance to Deliver Extended Depth Resources & Programs
:: What's HOT on the Alliance
Interview with Poet & Jungian Analyst Paul Watsky Ph.D.
Paul Watsky - Poet and Jungian Analyst
Paul Watsky, Ph.D.


Join Poet and Jungian Analyst, Paul Watsky in this latest interview for Depth Insights radio as he discusses the ways in which Jungian psychology and poetry converge. 


Paul tells the story of how he was led to careers both as a poet and an analyst, and shares his work that opens the door into the deep poetic leanings of soul. Paul's book, "Telling the Difference," is the featured book for October and the only book of poetry in the 2012 free online Depth Psychology Alliance Book Club.


>MORE details on the October Book Club

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EVENT REPORT - Bay Area Hive Meetup & Speaker Evening for Depth Psychology Alliance
On August 18, nearly 30 Depth Psychology Alliance members in the San Francisco area gathered for food, community, and a thoughtful presentation by Terrapsychologist Craig Chalquist, Ph.D.


On December 24, 1968, Apollo 8 astronauts took aphotograph that would change collective human consciousness forever. Why was this photo, "Earthrise," so important? In our meetup and speaker evening, Craig discussed ways in which the image of Earthrise showed us for the first time a planet without boundaries or divisions, and the beauty of the green and blue orb hanging in the sky, allowing us to imaging the possibilities. 


As mythologist Joseph Campbell explained, the only myth that is going to be worth thinking about in the immediate future is one that is talking about the planet, not the city, not these people but the planet, and everybody on it.

Craig Chalquist, PhD
Craig Chalquist


Craig has generously made his presentation available online! Click here to view it on YouTube -- or you can also download the PowerPoint or Keynote versions on Craig's website here.


All in all, we had a wonderful event and many of us left asking new questions about what we can each individually do--and do together--to change the myth we are living out in regards to our beautiful Earth.

~Bonnie Bright


"Each of us is a being in himself and a being in society, each of us needs to understand himself and understand others, take care of others and be taken care of himself."

~Haniel Long, Poet & Writer


In the month of October, with the only book of poems in the 2012 Depth Psychology Alliance Book Club, Paul Watsky will lead you on a contemplative journey that involves poetry, Jungian thought, and soul. Come comment or ask questions on these poems or poetry in general. Join the Book Club this month and enjoy "Telling the Difference."


"To quote Norman O. Brown quoting Euripedes, "God made an opening for the unexpected," and at long last we have what many of us have greatly desired: a collection of poems by Paul Watsky.


His is a singular voice in contemporary poetry, with a range that encompasses the wry, the mordant, the laugh-out-loud funny and the deeply moving, often within the same poem." -Charles Martin


Paul Watsky, Ph.D., author of the poetry collection "Telling The Difference" grew up in New York City and began writing poetry during high school. He now lives and works in San Francisco, where he earns his living as a Jungian analyst. He has published three chapbooks, cotranslated with Emiko Miyashita Santoka (Tokyo, PIE Books, 2006), and has poems in various journals.


Paul's new web site is currently being remodeled. To join Paul's mailing list, please send a request through the messaging system on Depth Psychology Alliance.

>JOIN or VISIT the Book Club now

Announcing a New 

Strategic Alliance 

to Bring Extended Educational Resources to the Jungian and Depth Psychology Community


Depth Psychology Alliance, Jung Platform, and Shrink Rap Radio are joining forces to bring new educational content in the field of Jungian and depth psychology.


In service of the primary goal of Depth Psychology Alliance to make depth psychology more widely available and accessible to everyone who is interested, this unique organizational alliance is focused on providing content to increase knowledge, awareness, and reflective discourse by delivering expert resources that focus on delivering an expansive selection of online interviews, videos, teleseminars, podcasts, and multi-platform book-related events featuring leading experts and authors in the field. 


Jung Platform has agreed to kick off the alliance by offering a significant discount of 25% off its existing online audio programs to the entire Depth Psychology Alliance community through September 30, 2012, and will continue to develop strategic content in conjunction with Depth Psychology Alliance and with Dr. David Van Nuys, long-time host of Shrink Rap Radio--featuring dedicated authors and speakers who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the community at large. Get more info/Download a Media Release here.


This is a wonderful opportunity for our entire community! Keep  en eye out for new programs in coming months.

What's HOT on the Alliance: A Sampling

Check out the Bulletin Board section where members can post requests for connection, research, desire for collaboration, etc. See how you can get involved or find a collaborator for your own project!

**Starts September 26 - Final Red Book Teleseminar Series with Dr. Michael Conforti of Assisi Institute. Join any week.

**November 3 - Day of the Dead Ritual