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In this Issue
:: Interview on Exile & Myth in American Culture with Barry Spector
:: Seeking Administrative Board Members for Depth Alliance
:: Call for Essays, Poetry, Art for Depth Insights E-zine
:: November Free Online Book Club Tended by Barry Spector
:: Live Video Event: "Mythology, Health, and Healing" -- DISCOUNT for Alliance Members
:: What's HOT on the Alliance
Barry Spector
Barry Spector


Author Barry Spector muses about how America became a culture of exile, and the ever-greater need for mythology, archetypal thinking, ritual and grieving in the face of what Barry calls "The Myth of American Innocence." 


Barry's book "Madness at the Gates of the City: The Myth Of American Innocence" is the featured book for the Depth Psychology Alliance free online book club in the month of November.


Barry writes about American history and politics from the perspectives of myth, indigenous traditions and archetypal psychology. In addition to Madness At The Gates Of The City, Barry maintains an active blog that takes an archetypal look at current events and culture and which, along with his essays, can be found at 


LISTEN to the interview here


READ an excellent summary and review of the interview from Len Cruz of the Asheville Jung Center


>MORE DETAILS on the November Book Club

>JOIN or VISIT the Depth Alliance Online Book Club now  

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Seeking Board Members

Depth Psychology Alliance is currently seeking an administrative board to actively strategize, implement, and administer current and new programs within the community. 


This group of individuals would meet online at least once per quarter and correspond by email or phone as needed in the interim in order to execute all the aspects required to keep the Depth Psychology Alliance community thriving. Specifically, members of the administrative board would be prepared to:


1. Sustain ongoing conversation to define what depth psychology is and envision how we can make it more accessible to all

2. Maintain the dynamic integrity of the Depth Psychology Alliance community site through making posts, responding to discussions, welcoming new members, generating newsletter articles, etc. so there is continual new and ongoing information and interaction  

3. Grow the Depth Psychology Alliance community by getting the word out and cross-developing partnerships with allied organizations  

4. Actively vision how to best deliver educational programs, benefits, and opportunities for interaction to the community


If you have a passion for depth psychology, love what Depth Psychology Alliance is doing, and feel you can invest at least 1-4 hours per month on behalf of the community council, please consider applying for an opportunity to participate. If you enjoy interaction, have excellent social skills, are technology savvy, or enjoy researching events and opportunities online and posting them for the community, these are a definite plus. Please note, however, that high passion and available time are also highly sought after contributions, so if these are your best features, please don't hesitate to apply.


The goal is to convene a board of 5-10 members, led by founder Bonnie Bright, beginning January 2013. There is no compensation for this position, but board members will be prominently featured on the Depth Psychology Alliance website and welcome to highlight the position on professional resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and elsewhere. Board members will be selected based on experience and desire to contribute. If you are interested, please email a bio of any length and a short essay (any length up to 1000 words) on why you would like to serve on a board.  Deadline for applications: December 1, 2012.

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Call for Essays, Poetry, Art
Spring 2013 issue of Depth Insights scholarly e-zine
Depth Insights scholarly e-zine Fall 2012 Issue 3


Depth Insights e-zine is now accepting submissions for the Spring
due out in March 2013.

The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2012.

We're looking for thoughtful essays on depth and Jungian topics--including archetypes, cultural complexes, ecopsychology, mythology, shamanism, astrology, or tarot, depth psychological analyses of past or current events, and book and movie reviews to name a few.

See the Fall 2012 issue of Depth Insights or download the PDF free here--or voice your comments for the current essays online.
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HUGE THANKS to all who donated 

during the Depth Psychology Alliance Fall Fundraiser in September! Your contributions in time, money, and passion are what keep this community alive! Deep gratitude to each of you ~ Bonnie Bright, Founder

thank you

"Community is essential, for alone our vision is too narrow to see all that must be seen. Together, our vision widens and strength is renewed."

 ~Reverend Mark Morrison Reed, Author

When political, economic 

and religious leaders

Book: Madness at the Gates of the City: The Myth of American Innocence

no longer offer any solutions to the massive crises that confront us, it's time to re-imagine who we are as individuals and as a nation. Madness at the Gates of the City: The Myth of American Innocence shows how America regularly re-enacts old patterns that cause us to subvert our goals, miss the deeper meaning in events and, perhaps, fail to prevent our headlong slide into cultural collapse. 


But by looking at our history, politics and popular culture through the lenses of Greek mythology, indigenous wisdom and archetypal psychology, Barry Spector discovers new hope in very old ways of thinking. The foreword by Robert A. Johnson, author of He, She, We, Inner Work, and Owning Your Own ShadowEcstasy, and Transformation.


Barry and his wife Maya conduct an annual Day of the Dead grief ritual that will take place on November 3rd, 2012, near Berkeley, CA.


Learn more at 

>JOIN or VISIT the Book Club now
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Live Video Event: Mythology, Health, and Healing

with Joseph Campbell Foundation Founder, Bob Walter




Bob Walter, Founder of Joseph Campbell Foundation
Bob Walter

In this talk Bob will explore the relationship between

mythology and health: how the visceral beliefs-the myths-of both patient and physician interact either to positively impact or impede, not only their interpersonal relationship, but more importantly, the healing process itself.


We will investigate some of the biological bases for such mythic understandings, and scrutinize the ways in which technological development, globalization, and the ubiquity of mass media are continually redefining and reshaping our understanding of what it means to be "healthy."


Finally, we will diagnose, so to say, the well-being of the body politic by examining how our contemporary mythos-whether consciously articulated or unacknowledged-fails to inform our lives with the art of living by its insistent denial of the fact of death and the inevitability of our dying.


P.S. - Keep an eye out for a NEW discussion group on Depth Alliance in the "Community Education" section where we will discuss the upcoming 30-hour audio series on the Red Book with Dr. Robert Bosnak. More details to come
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What's HOT on the Alliance: A Sampling

Check out the Bulletin Board section where members can post requests for connection, research, desire for collaboration, etc. See how you can get involved or find a collaborator for your own project!

November 2: Dreaming Transformation: Women's Dream Quest, San Francisco, CA
**November 3 - Day of the Dead Ritual, near Berkeley, CA

Trauma and a Child's Psyche!: Blog by Paul DeBlassie III 
The Changing Image of the Soul: Blog by Evan Hanks 
Link to an Article by Jeffrey T Kiehl
 Journey Conference presentation by Lee Lawrence on Soul Growth and Depth Psychology 
 On Trusting Eros: Post by Judith Harte  



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