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Depth Psychology News--January 2013
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Depth Psychology News

In this Issue
:: Depth Insights Radio Interview: The Roots of Mass Shootings" with Pacfica's Glen Slater
:: Listen on Demand: 2-Part Depth Teleseminar Series the Sandy Hook School Shooting
:: ONLINE RED BOOK GROUP Still Accepting New Members
:: FREE TELECONFERENCES on Addiction with Jungian David Schoen Wednesdays in January. Join Anytime.
:: MEET THE NEW BOARD for Depth Psychology Alliance
:: SF BAY AREA MEETUP & Speaker Eve: Ancestral Influence in Psychological Healing
:: SPECIAL OFFER: Get 50% OFF your Depth Practitioner Listing on
:: SPECIAL OFFER...Book your new website by February 1st and Get a Custom Graphic Header FREE
:: SPECIAL OFFER: Get 10% OFF the Total Conference Price for Assisi, Italy Annual Conference
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:: What's HOT on the Alliance
Glen Slater
Glen Slater PhD
After the mass school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, in December 2013, I moderated a 2-part teleseminar series with Jungian analyst Michael Conforti for the Depth Psychology community and the general public in which we engaged in a depth psychological and archetypal discussion about the event. A key piece of research I engaged in preparation was an article by long-time Pacifica professor, Glen Slater, "The Mythology of Bullets" (which appeared in Spring Journal (2009) Issue 81, "The Psychology of Violence)"

In the essay, Slater discusses his powerful and intriguing approach in which he addresses the major mainstream issues that always arise in such devastating events: gun violence, media influence, and mental health. 

However, Slater goes much deeper to look at the archetypal aspects of guns in America, how our inherent cultural roots come into play, and how the uncompromising drive of the American Dream insists we succeed at any cost.

Glen Slater Ph.D. holds degrees in Religious Studies and in Clinical Psychology and has taught Jungian and Archetypal perspectives at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara for nearly two decades. Glen is the film review editor at Spring Journal and a regular contributor to that publication.
Join me with Dr. Glen Slater for an engaging and important discussion of the roots of mass shootings and the depth psychological and archetypal aspects of guns in America. --Bonnie Bright

SPECIAL NOTE: Spring Journal has generously allowed Depth Insights Radio to publish a link to Glen's full article, "The Mythology of Bullets." You can download it using the link from this page

NOW ARCHIVED for ON DEMAND LISTENING: Beyond Horror & Hope: 2-Part Teleseminar Series with Jungian Dr. Michael Conforti, moderated by Bonnie Bright, M.A.

Michael Conforti PhD
Michael Conforti Ph.D.

In case you missed them live...These two exploratory conversations engage a depth psychological perspective to the Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting in an effort to bear witness to the tragedy and search for a way through the darkness to a place of understanding. 


What are the archetypal influences underpinning the horror of the Newtown, CT school shooting---and those of so many recent violent events perpetrated on innocents with legal firearms. Is evil a reality? Is it an age-old pattern that becomes constellated under certain conditions? How do we find hope in the horror when tragedy strikes? 


Sessions took place December 21 & 28, 2012

Find the links to listen here

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Assisi, Italy
Assisi, Italy
Assisi, Italy Conference 2013
When the Gods Are Silent: Awakening to the Voice of Meaning and Healing

There are times in our life when the vistas of all that we love, are blurred, when those arms we long to rest in seem ever so far away, and the passion that we have felt, is suddenly absent. It is in these moments that we may feel that the Gods have grown silent.   

The 2013 conference will take an in-depth look at how it is that we can recover our sense of vitality and meaning in the world, through our dreams, creativity and relationships, and find a way to live with and live through those challenges.

Featured presenters include: Richard Tarnas, Allen Guggenbuhl,  Bonnie Zello Martin, Barbara Thompson, Sandra Salzillo, and Michael Conforti. Click for more details.

This remarkable interdisciplinary conference on psychology and the new sciences has been offered for nearly 25 years and requires no special pre-requisites. Everyone welcome! Is the year you'll come to sacred Assisi and join in community with likeminded others to delve into the depths? 

To register, call (802) 254-6220 or email assisi@together.netTo get the 10% discount, let them know you heard it through Depth Psychology Alliance.


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"Our life is psychological, and the purpose of life is to make psyche of it, to find connections between life and soul."
                          - James Hillman

The new online study group has launched
and the discussion is hopping.
Join the conversation...!

A century ago, around Christmas 1913, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung lost his way and surrendered on purpose to the tumultuous embodied intelligence of the autonomous creative imagination. The outcome is a journey as perilous as The Lord of the Rings and as enlightening as the Divine Comedy.


One hundred years later Jungian analyst Robert Bosnak gets lost down in the timeless Deep together with Jung and struggles his way back to the 21st century. This is a fascinating travelogue by two men in the same territory a century apart. 


1.Listen to an interview with Robert Bosnak on Shrink Rap Radio with host Dr. David Van Nuys to get to know Robert Bosnak better.

2. Get your copy of the in-depth audio Red Book course from Jung Platform plus an 88-page study guide created by Jill Fischer of Cyberdreamwork Inc. The course consists of 20 pre-recorded lectures of approximately 1.5 hours each. You listen to one every 2 weeks and participate in the online discussion in a written forum with a group of your peers. Depth Alliance members get additional 25% off regular price of $99 using the code "DEPTH"

3. Join the online discussion forum in the Depth Psychology Alliance online community where people who follow the course can come together and discuss each particular section. This forum will be hosted by Robert Bosnak and facilitated by two professionals who have been trained in Embodied Imagination with Robert Bosnak for three years. (This forum is open to everyone, regardless of whether you follow the audio course or have the Red Book. Come join us!)  

WEDNESDAYS, in January in Conjunction with the
January Book Club Selection,
"The War of the Gods in Addiction: C.G. Jung, Alcoholics Anonymous,
& Archetypal Evil" 

The War of the Gods in Addiction, based on the correspondence between Bill W., one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous and C.G. Jung, proposes an original, groundbreaking, psychodynamic view of addiction which explains both the creation and successful treatment of alcoholism and other addictions. 


Using insights from Jungian psychology, it demonstrates why the 12 steps of AA really work. It emphasizes the crucial process of neutralizing the Archetypal Shadow / Archetypal Evil, an aspect of all true addictions, and explores this concept extensively through theoretical and clinical material, modern and ancient myths, and fairy tales.


The significance of using dreams for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of addiction is also explained. This book bridges the longstanding gap between the mental health community and 12-step recovering communities and translates concepts necessary to understanding the addictive process in ways that encourage mutual understanding and benefit.


Join David Schoen for weekly hour-long free teleconferences/Q&A Wednesdays in January! Public welcome; no pre-requisites required.


LEARN MORE about the January 2013 Online Book Club selection

JOIN the online Book Club now. Links from the past two teleconference sessions with David Schoen are posted in the written forum

ORDER the Book from Spring Publishing

Depth Psychology Alliance Admin Board 2013
Depth Psychology Alliance is thrilled to announce the formation of 
our first ever administrative board. Members were selected through a formal application process via Depth Psychology Alliance.

Among other things, members will tend the Alliance for daily activities, make strategic decisions on the format and interactivity of the Alliance site, plan new networking and educational opportunities and events, and sustain ongoing discussion as to the nature and definition of depth psychology.

Board members include: Bonnie Bright, Patricia Damery, Ed Koffenberger, Jesse Masterson, James Newell, Shane Nygaard, Brent Potter, Mark Sipowicz, and Esther Waldron. Please take a moment and send them a congratulatory message and any questions, comments, or suggestions via the "Send a message" link on each of their member pages. They are already hard at work on behalf of the community.

SF Bay Area Alliance Chapter


FEBRUARY 1, 2013
Ancestral Influence in 
Psychological Healing
and Transformation with
Daniel Foor, Ph.D. MFT 
from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Join us Friday evening, February 1, for an exciting evening of refreshments, community and learning. Daniel Foor, Ph.D., MFT will share ways to increase awareness of ancestral influence and acquire ancestor-related skills to help with family and personal healing and transformation. 
Daniel Foor
Daniel Foor
Daniel leads trainings, rituals, and community circles focusing on honoring ancestors, tending our relations with the natural world, and remembering our unique destiny and calling. Free, but you must register to attend.  
What's HOT on the Alliance
A Sampling
Get Engaged! Come read and comment on posts from your peers.

Check out the Bulletin Board section where members can post requests for connection, research, desire for collaboration, etc. See how you can get involved or find a collaborator for your own project!
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The Prison of Belief! - Blog post from Paul DeBlassie III

Patterns at Work, Patterns We Live By - Blog post by Michael Conforti

In Defense of the Daimonic Blog post by Brent Potter (on DepthList)
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