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Depth Psychology News--January 2013
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Depth Psychology News

In this Issue
:: NEW SPECIAL STUDY GROUP..."Genpo Merzel: Big Mind as Western Zen"
:: INTERVIEW with Roshi Genpo Merzel on Shrink Rap Radio
:: SPECIAL OFFER: Get 10% OFF the Total Conference Price for Assisi, Italy Annual Conference
:: What's HOT on the Alliance - Events, Blogs, and Posts
:: NEW TELESEMINAR SERIES: "Corporate Patterns for Creative Transformation"- FREE session 2/18
:: SPECIAL OFFER: 25% off Live Broadcast--Rumi's Poetry Read by Coleman Barks & David Darling
:: LAST CALL: Place your Ad in the Upcoming Issue of Depth Insights Scholarly E-zine
Genpo Merzel Big Mind Study GroupStudy with Zen Master Genpo Merzel to learn and deepen your knowledge of Big Mind™, a concept rooted in Jungian Psychology and in Eastern Zen.

In 1983 Genpo began studying with Hal Stone, a Jungian analyst who created a therapeutic technique which he called Voice Dialogue. Genpo began to experiment with Voice Dialogue in order to find a way of integrating it with the Zen tradition. Now Genpo combines Zen tradition with the insights of such visionary western figures as Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, and Hal Stone, enabling virtually anyone to realize their true nature, a realization they can further deepen through meditation.


Genpo describes Big Mind as "opening our mind...our consciousness to the infinite". Ken Wilber has described Genpo Merzel's Big Mind Process as "arguably the most important and original discovery in the last two centuries of Buddhism."


In this four-week course you will study by watching 45-60 minutes of video lectures every week and follow that week's assignments in your study guide. You will also have a chance to interact with Genpo Merzel via an audio conference call done twice during the course.


Who should follow this course: Beginners; Therapists who want to learn some new skill for their personal life and practice; Jungians, as it integrates the Jungian oriented method of voice dialogue and Zen in a Western way as suggested Eastern religion should be approached. 


GET more details here...

Join the online written discussion group here (Postings start March 2)


This study group is brought to you by Jung Platform, Depth Alliance, and Shrink Rap Radio.



Roshi Genpo Merzel

Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel is one of the most renowned teachers of Zen in the Western world. He was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Southern California. He earned a Masters degree from the University of Southern California before being ordained as a Zen monk under Zen Master Taizan Maezumi in 1973. He became Maezumi Roshi's second Dharma Successor in 1980. In 1982 he began teaching throughout Europe and founded the international group he named the Kanzeon (Compassion) Sangha, with affiliates in France, Poland, Belgium, Germany, England, Malta, and the Netherlands.

Assisi, Italy
Assisi, Italy 
Assisi, Italy Conference 2013
When the Gods Are Silent: Awakening to the Voice of Meaning and Healing
There are times in our life when the vistas of all that we love, are blurred, when those arms we long to rest in seem ever so far away, and the passion that we have felt, is suddenly absent. It is in these moments that we may feel that the Gods have grown silent.   

The 2013 Assisi Institute annual conference in Italy will take an in-depth look at how it is that we can recover our sense of vitality and meaning in the world, through our dreams, creativity and relationships, and find a way to live with and live through those challenges.

Featured presenters include: Richard Tarnas, Allen Guggenbuhl, Bonnie Zello Martin, Barbara Thompson, Sandra Salzillo, and Michael Conforti. Click for more details.

--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  -- 
--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  -- 
This remarkable interdisciplinary conference on psychology and the new sciences has been offered for nearly 25 years and requires no special pre-requisites. Everyone welcome! Is the year you'll come to sacred Assisi and join in community with likeminded others to delve into the depths? 
Join members of Assisi Institute, Depth Psychology Alliance and a diverse group of individuals interested in this long running interdisciplinary conference that never ceases to deliver amazing learning, close community, and lasting memories. 

For more details, click here. To get the 10% discount, please say you heard it through Depth Psychology Alliance.


What's HOT on the Alliance

Check out the Bulletin Board section where members can post requests for connection, research, desire for collaboration, etc. See how you can get involved or find a collaborator for your own project!  NOTE: 
Ongoing: SPECIAL ONLINE STUDY GROUP Launch: Jung's Red Book with Jungian Analyst Robert Bosnak. Join anytime.

"Insofar as the writer or artist uses his own conscious experience of human life in his work, he is in-voluntarily also a psychologist.

If he is a truly gifted artist, he finds the best possible expression for what he wants to say, and no psychologist, therefore, can add much insight to it."
 -- Marie Louise von Franz
"Corporate Patterns for Creative Transformation" 
4-Week Teleseminar Series
with Jungian Dr. Michael Conforti
psychological corporate patterns

Learn to recognize the patterns that determine the success or failure of individuals and initiatives in the corporate world. This event is hosted by Depth Alliance strategic partner, Assisi Institute and Jungian analyst Michael Conforti, Ph.D.


Like the ancient mariner who watched the patterns in wind, sea and sky to navigate, we need the specific skills of one well versed in understanding these natural tendencies inherent in the life process. 


For this series of talks, leaders in the field of Organizational Dynamics and Archetypal Pattern Analysis™ who are responsible for bringing innovation, creativity, and transformation come together to discuss the work of understanding and discerning the presence of these universal  patterns, ways for creating the conditions for innovation and transformation within the corporate world.


The first session is free to attend online or one the phone.


Click here for more details, including themes and specific sessions

Here's an excerpt from the introduction to Lecture 3 in the Depth Alliance online written discussion forum from Robert Bosnak's colleage and forum moderator, Chris Doggett:


As we go deeper into the distinction between symbol and image, between interpretation and being in an embodied image, what we want  is the "internal logic of the images", not our our logic/our understanding of the images. Again, waiting to allow them to reveal themselves as we experience them as Other with it's own "LOGIC" or "waiting for the fruits" of the madness.  


"We are real and not symbols." (Elijah talking to Jung in reference to himself and Salome.)


Robbie Bosnak: "This most famous answer which I think is the beginning of a whole new psychology, the beginning of the psychology I most subscribe to and the beginning of the psychology where Jung becomes most original."


Not too late: Join anytime.

Get more details

Join the discussion group now (To join in, look for "Lecture 3")

Not too Late for Love!
Post Valentine's Special: Alliance Members Get 25% off Live Rumi Video Broadcast with Coleman Barks.
Coleman Barks
Coleman Barks

Treat yourself or plan a post Valentine's date full of vibrant ecstatic poetry for someone you love.  

Through Sunday, February 17, 2013, Depth Alliance members and guests get a 25% discount on a live video broadcast, "A Turning Night of Stars"--Rumi's poetry by Coleman Barks and David Darling. The live event takes place on Feb 28th at 6pm PST /9pm EST on


To REGISTER and get the 25% discount, click HERE and use code "val13" at checkout.  


Missed the deadline? You can STILL save 10% for the rest of February using the same code, "val13"

Last Call to Place an Ad for your Book, Event, Organization or Services in the Spring Issue of Depth Insights Scholarly E-zine

Depth Insights Ezine Cover-Fall 2011

The next issue of the semi-annual free Depth Insights™(peer-reviewed) e-zine is currently in production. If you're interested in promoting your book, organization, services, workshop, conference, or other psychology or spiritually oriented offerings, consider an ad in the upcoming issue of Depth Insights starting at just $50.  


The free e-zine full of peer-reviewed depth psychology-focused articles is published in Spring and Fall and is permanently posted online as both a PDF and an online/web page format, as well as emailed directly to approximately thousands interested opt-in recipients. It's also posted on Depth Psychology Alliance and shared with the general public through Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In--potentially reaching tens of thousands more. Get your work seen!


Deadline: Ad orders needed by 2/20 for a late March release. Click here for details/pricing

What's HOT on the Alliance
A Sampling of RECENT POSTS

Carl Spitteler -- Forum post, Gustavo Parra

Forum post, Brent Potter

Plus the New Global Mythology Group and the Red Book Group with Robert Bosnak are going strong! Check them out!
"Life is not possible without an opening toward the transcendent; in other words human beings cannot live in chaos." -- Mircea Eliade

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