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Depth Psychology News--November 2012
Depth Psychology News--December 2012
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Depth Psychology News

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:: Shrink Rap Radio Featured Interview with Jungian Robert Bosnak
:: SF Bay Area Meetup & Speaker Eve: Ancestral Influence in Psychological Healing
:: Special Offer: Find or List Depth Psychology Oriented Services for Free
:: January Online Book Club: War of the Gods in Addiction
:: What's HOT on the Alliance
Witnessing and Mourning in a Time of Despair
What Role Does the Depth Community Play?...


Dear Depth Community,


I could not launch this newsletter without taking a moment to acknowledge and witness the tragedies that have unfolded in recent days--in particular with the Newtown, CT school shooting and the Clackamas, OR mall shooting just 3 days before. In fact, the web site for  ThinkProgress has posted a timeline of shootings since Columbine and the CT shooting was the eighth in the U.S. in 2012.


I don't have answers about what's going on in our culture. True to the spirit of depth psychology, I do have a million questions. There are clearly dark shadows at play--and the archetypes and gods showing up in these scenarios are demanding attention--something only those who are paying attention can probably begin to address right now. 


I am reminded of that Martin Prechtel, author and initiated shaman among the Maya people in Guatemala, suggests that if a culture is not willing to make offerings, there will be arbitrary sacrifices. It makes me wonder: What are we, as a culture--and as a community, even-- missing here? What is being neglected, bypassed, or buried that we can individually and collectively address? An how do we begin?


If you're interested in joining together around this critical topic, read my post in the Alliance forum here.... and I know you join me in sending love and peace to all those affected.


In soul,

Bonnie Bright, Founder

A century ago, around Christmas 1913, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung lost his way and surrendered on purpose to the tumultuous embodied intelligence of the autonomous creative imagination. The outcome is a journey as perilous as The Lord of the Rings and as enlightening as the Divine Comedy.


One hundred years later Jungian analyst Robert Bosnak gets lost down in the timeless Deep together with Jung and struggles his way back to the 21st century. This is a fascinating travelogue by two men in the same territory a century apart.  

1.Listen to an interview with Robert Bosnak on Shrink Rap Radio with host Dr. David Van Nuys

2. Get your copy of this in-depth audio Red Book course from Jung Platform. The course consists of 20 (one every two weeks) lectures of approximately 1.5 hours each with the option for online discussion in a written forum with a group of your peers. Depth Alliance members get additional 25% off the special price of $59 using the code" DEPTH"   

3. Join the online discussion forum in the Depth Psychology Alliance online community where people who follow the course can come together and discuss each particular section. This forum will be hosted by Robert Bosnak and facilitated by two professionals who have been trained in Embodied Imagination with Robert Bosnak for three years. (This forum is open to everyone, regardless of whether you follow the audio course or have the Red Book. Come join us!)  

Robert Bosnak is a Dutch Jungian psychoanalyst, and diplomate of the C.G.Jung Institute, who trained in Zurich, Switzerland from 1971 to 1977.


In the late 1970s he pioneered a radically new method of dreamwork, based loosely on the work of C.G.Jung, especially on Jung's technique of active imagination and his studies of Alchemy.


From the point of view of the dreaming state of mind, dreams are real events in real environments. Based on this notion, Robert Bosnak developed methods to re-enter dreams by inducing a hypnagogic state-a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping-through a process of careful questioning. 


His techniques are now applied worldwide, by therapists, artists, actors, and others interested in the creative imagination. His first book, A Little Course in Dreams was translated into 12 languages. 


He is past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams IASD, and was visiting professor of clinical psychology at Kyoto University in Japan. After having been in private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts for 26 years, he is currently based in California at the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary.


LISTEN to this exciting interview with Robert Bosnak and Dr. Dave Van Nuys

Check out the upcoming Special Online Study Group with Robert Bosnak. Starts January 19!

SF Bay Area Alliance Chapter


Ancestral Influence in Psychological Healing
and Transformation with
Daniel Foor, Ph.D. MFT 
Bay Area Alliance Meetup
& Speaker Evening
Friday, February 1, 2013
from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Join us Friday evening, February 1, for an exciting evening of refreshments, community and learning.
In this introductory talk Daniel Foor, Ph.D., MFT will discuss ways to increase awareness of ancestral influence and acquire ancestor-related skills to help with family and personal healing and transformation. 
Daniel Foor
Daniel Foor
Daniel leads trainings, rituals, and community circles focusing on honoring ancestors, tending our relations with the natural world, and remembering our unique destiny and calling.  

Find or List Jungian or Depth Psychology oriented practitionersDepth Psychology List (TM) aims to establish itself as the premiere online destination for anyone looking for depth psychology oriented therapists, counselors, coaches, mind-body specialists, astrologers, and other practitioners. DepthPsychologyList is FREE for the public to search by location or type of services offered.


In order for interested individuals to FIND a practitioner near them or that offers what they are looking for, we need a large database to draw from. For that reason, practitioners get can GET LISTED for FREE for the first six months if you register by December 31, 2012.


Go to NOW!

book War of the Gods in Addiction
JANUARY 2013 Free
Online Book Club on
Depth Alliance
War of the Gods in Addiction: C.G. Jung, Alcoholics Anonymous, & Archetypal Evil
By David E. Schoen


The War of the Gods in Addiction, based on the correspondence between Bill W., one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous and C.G. Jung, proposes an original, groundbreaking, psychodynamic view of addiction which explains both the creation and successful treatment of alcoholism and other addictions.  

Using insights from Jungian psychology, it demonstrates why the 12 steps of AA really work. It emphasizes the crucial process of neutralizing the Archetypal Shadow / Archetypal Evil, an aspect of all true addictions, and explores this concept extensively through theoretical and clinical material, modern and ancient myths, and fairy tales.  

The significance of using dreams for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of addiction is also explained. This book bridges the longstanding gap between the mental health community and 12-step recovering communities and translates concepts necessary to understanding the addictive process in ways that encourage mutual understanding and benefit.


LEARN MORE about the January 2013 Online Book Club selection

ORDER the Book from Spring Publishing

SAVE 25% on an audio presentation from David Schoen using the code "DEPTH" at checkout
What's HOT on the Alliance: A Sampling
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