Carl Jung quote: In all chaos there is a cosmos
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quote on bees eyes

Bees have five eyes, two of which are made up of over six thousand hexagonally shaped lenses each, giving them what must be god-like vision that makes that of mere mortals pale by comparison.

The ability to see, to regard on multiple levels of dimension is the gift and promise if of using a depth psychological lens to understand ourselves and our relation to the world around us. Depth Psychology encompasses Jungian Psychology, developed around the theories of one of the pioneers of Depth Psychology, Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung.

Depth Insights is the publisher of the semi-annual scholarly e-zine of the same name and offers media, education, and consulting to help individuals and organizations see through, beneath, between, and beyond to achieve new perspectives for learning, integration, transformation, and growth.

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honeybee Seeing the Shadow—The Importance of Depth Psychology in Leadership — An Interview with David A. Laveman & Bonnie Bright for Depth Insights™ (Posted 6/28/13)
honeybee Interview: Bonnie Bright on "Patterns We Live By" radio hosted by Dr. Michael Conforti, where we discuss Jungian psychology, honeybees, consumerism, and the underlying patterns at work in our current culture (30 mins - Please allow time for download)
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honeybee 12/28/12 Shadows and Light: Interview with Bonnie Bright by Willi Paul on
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honeybee Dr. Len Cruz of Asheville Jung Center has written an excellent summary and review of the recent Depth Insights interview "Exile and Myth in American Culture" with host Bonnie Bright and author Barry Spector. Read Len's blogpost and summary HERE>
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ON HIATUS Fall 2013

8/22/13 Isis Code: Revelations from Brain Research and Systems Science on the Search for Human Perfection and Happiness, Bonnie Bright with Ariane Page on her book about Jung, Depth Psychology, Nature, Medicine and the Brain

1/12/13 The Roots of Mass Shootings: A Depth Psychological Look at Gun Violence in America--Bonnie Bright with Dr. Glen Slater as they discuss his article "The Mythology of Bullets" (which appeared in Spring Journal Issue 81, "The Psychology of Violence)" and it's relevance in the current culture in the aftermath of increasing instances of gun rampages.

12/20/12 and 12/27/12: Two part series"Beyond Horror and Hope:The Archetypal Intersection of Innocence and Evil" an exploratory conversation using a depth psychological perspective in response to the Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting by Jungian Analyst Michael Conforti, Ph.D. and Bonnie Bright, M.A.

10/19/12 "Exile and Myth in American Culture-On Politics, Grief & Ritual-- Bonnie Bright talks to Barry Spector about how America became a culture of exile, and the ever-greater need for mythology, archetypal thinking, ritual and grieving.

9/18/12: "Telling the Difference: Where Poetry and Jungian Psychology Converge"--Bonnie Bright with Poet and Jungian Analyst, Paul Watsky, as he offers up the story of how he was led to each career, and shares his work that opens the door into the deep poetic leanings of soul. "Telling the Difference" is the only book of poetry (featured in the month of October) in the 2012 free online Depth Psychology Alliance Book Club.

8/14/12: "Out of the Shadows: A Story of CG Jung, Toni Wolff & Emma Jung"--Bonnie Bright with Elizabeth Clark-Stern who reveals the rich archetypal dimensions of this historical triangular relationship between CG Jung and two remarkable women

7/110/12: "Deep Blues: The Connection Between Blues Music, Shamanism, and Jungian Psychology" Interview with Jungian Analyst Mark Winborn, Ph.D.

6/17/12: "Marked by Fire: Stories of the Jungian Way" -- Bonnie Bright discusses the new anthology and stories of it's birth with Jungian analysts Naomi Ruth Lowinsky and Patricia Damery

5/21/12: "Terrapsychology: Earthrise, Mythic Image, and the Psychology of Place"--Interview with Dr. Craig Chalquist



"Farming Soul: The Alchemy of Individuation"—-Review of Patricia Damery's Farming Soul in Jung Journal, Vol 7, Issue 1, 2013

"Becoming Animal: The Phenomenology of a Living Earth"--Review of David Abram's Becoming Animal in Jung Journal, Vol 7, Issue 1, 2013

"Leaving Home, Losing Home: A Social and Symbolic Look at Migration", in Towards Beginnings: Images of End, Journal of Archetypal Studies, Vol. 2, published December 2012
Editorial: Issue 3: Depth Insights scholarly e-zine: Fall 2012
"Occupy Psyche: Deconstructing the Jungian Shadow in Depth Psychology" - Essay by Bonnie Bright in the brand new 2012 anthology Occupy Psyche: Jungian and Archetypal Perspectives on a Movement, edited by Jordan Shapiro and Roxanne Partridge
"Madman or Mystic? Re-imagining Relationship to the Sacred" - Review of Diego Pignatelli Spinazzola, Primordial Psyche: A Reliving of the Soul of Ancestors, A Jungian and Transpersonal View in Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche 6:2, Spring 2012, pp. 133-137
"I, Medusa: A Personal Narrative of the Transformatino of the Gorgon" in
Issue 2 of Depth Insights scholarly e-zine: Spring 2012

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"Shoot to Kill: Animals, Instincts, and the Chaotic Exotic 'Other'" -Essay from Bonnie Bright in Mythopoetry Scholar 2012

"The Power of Story and Place among the Navajo in Canyon de Chelly" 
Issue 1--Depth Insights scholarly e-zine: Fall 2011>>Download your free PDF copy or view it online as a web page


5/31/13 Holding the Opposites, Grounding in Earth to Cope with Difficult Times

5/20/13 Making a Masterpiece of Your Life: Ideas from Author Thomas Moore

5/1/13 The Myths of Mary Magdalene: A Written Interview with Kayleen Asbo & Bonnie Bright for Depth Insights™

4/22/13 Nature Has No “Outside:” Navigating the Ecological Self

4/19/13 Working with Dreams: Depth Psychology Techniques of Carl Gustav Jung and James Hillman

03/28/13 Memory, Place and Story: How Connection to Land Connects us to Self

03/19/13 Ecopsychopathy and Sustainability: The End of Life as We Know It

03/09/13 Culture Collapse Disorder: Can Depth Psychology Help Us Cope?

03/02/13 Ensoulment and Synchronicity: Concepts from Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas

02/25/13 Engendering Innovation in Business, Organizations, and Individual LIfe: A Depth Psychological Approach

02/15/13 Rediscovering the Authentic Self: Jung's Concept of Individuation in Depth Psychology

02/07/13 On Magic, Shamanism, and Listening: The Collective Unconscious of C.G. Jung

01/31/12 Are We Implicated?--A Depth Psychological and Cultural Take on the Fall of Lance Armstrong

01/28/13 Image, Language, and the Lived Body in the Depth Psychology of the Self

01/25/13 Jung, Individuation, and Shamanism

01/21/13 Our Modern Cultural Mindset and the Forward Thinking of Carl Jung

01/09/13 When Culture Battles Spirit: An Archetypal and Depth Psychological Look at the Nature of Addiction

01/02/13 Watching without Seeing: A Pathological Cultural Disorder?

12/26/12 The Shadow of Society and its Role in Mass Shootings by Bonnie Bright

12/20/16 Carl Jung’s Process of Individuation and the Archetype of Renewal by Bonnie Bright

12/16/12 The Importance of Witnessing and Feeling in the Face of Tragedy by Bonnie Bright

11/09/12 An Archetypal Perspective on Clinical Practice: A Summary of an Introductory Teleseminar Lecture by Jungian Analyst Michael Conforti by Bonnie Bright

5/24/12 Nature, Psyche, Climate Change, and the Psychology of Place by Bonnie Bright

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PAST EVENTS with Bonnie Bright

5/10/13 05/10/13 -- Bonnie Bright interviewd on "Patterns We Live By" radio hosted by Dr. Michael Conforti as they discuss Jungian psychology and the underlying patterns at work in our current culture (30 mins)

2/1/12 Depth Psychology Alliance Meetup & Speaker Evening in the SF Bay Area: Ancestral Healing with Featured Speaker, Daniel Foor, PhD, MFT

4-week FREE teleseminar: "The War of the Gods in Addiction" with Jungian David Schoen; moderated by Bonnie Bright. Runs January 9th through 30th.

12/27/12 SECOND FREE Teleseminar Thursday, December 27: "Beyond Horror and Hope (PART 2): The Archetypal Intersection of Innocence and Evil," a depth psychological look at the Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting by Jungian Analyst Michael Conforti, Ph.D., moderated by Bonnie Bright, M.A.

12/20/12 - FREE Teleseminar: "Beyond Horror and Hope: The Archetypal Intersection of Innocence and Evil," an exploratory conversation in response to the Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting by Jungian Analyst Michael Conforti, Ph.D., moderated by Bonnie Bright, M.A.

8/18/12 San Francisco Bay Area Alliance Meetup: Craig Chalquist presents "EarthRise: A Beacon for a New Worldview" - Refreshments, commmunity, learning.

8/10/12 Presentation at JSSS (Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies) in New Orleans, August 8-11, 2012. >More info

7/28/12 San Francisco Bay Area Alliance Meetup: Book Celebration and Author Event,"Marked by Fire: Stories of the Jungian Way" with Jungian Analysts  Patricia Damery and Naomi Ruth Lowinsky. Pre-registration required.

7/16/12: Archetypal Personality Patterns: Special presentation at the 24th Annual Assisi Conference, an interdiscplinary gathering on Arts, Archetypes, and the Transcendent The conference, Assisi Italy. >More info

6/2/12: Panel moderator on Transformation at the Climate Change Forum in Portland, OR, June 1-3, in conjunction with Deep Democracy Institute International (led by Jungians & climate scientists among others) >Download a PDF flyer >More info

3/23/12: San Francisco Bay Area Meetup and Speaker Evening for Depth Psychology Alliance featuring speaker Gary Bobroff, M.A.; hosted by Bonnie Bright

3/23/12: Interview: Bonnie Bright with Radio Show Host Jenny Sieck on Inner Voice Intuitive Hour discussing Depth Psychology Alliance, the free online Book Club, and more.

7/14/11: Assisi Institute's 23rd Annual Conference "Transcendent Wonder: Peering Beyond the Veil" featured Jungian James Hollis and Michael Conforti (founder of Assisi Institute) along with Bonnie Bright, and artist Makoto Fujimura in Assisi, Italy, July 2011.

7/14/11: Audio presentation at JFK University, Pleasant Hill, CA, of "Between Honey & Pain: Colony Collapse Disorder and the Colonization of the Wild" (based on the anthology "Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled" approx 22 mins)

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