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“Taking Responsibility for One’s Creative Life”: Nina Ross Ph.D. in Conversation with Bonnie Bright for Depth Insights™

50In this depth discussion, Nina Ross (at right) and Bonnie Bright, Ph.D, engage on what happens when one attempts to make art, and the dynamic relationship between art and psychology. Nina offers personal retreats on art and psychology in Santa Fe, NM. Depth Insights™ is a media affiliate of Depth Psychology Alliance.

Originally aired September 20, 2015
(approx 35 mins)

Nina Ross (PhD, LPAT, and ATR) has a PhD. in the Depth Psychology of Art from Union Institute. Nina is an artist, art therapist, and psychotherapist working from a Jungian perspective. Nina has led numerous workshops retreats, and classes at universities, retreat centers and conferences. She is a gentle, experienced and patient guide through the mysterious realms of art and the psyche. View a gallery of Nina’s artwork hereVisit www.ninarossphd.com for additional insight to Nina’s work