Please read ALL the information below for details on how to submit your article/essay, poetry, or art to Depth Insights.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for the Fall 2014 is closed. Please check back starting in November for the call for the Spring 2015 issue. 

We are looking for fresh, not-previously-published depth psychology focused articles and essays, poetry, art or video

Deadline for submission: Closed

Email your submission following the guidelines below to and be sure to include “Submission Fall 2014″ in the subject line of your email

This special edition will be guest edited by Jesse Lash Masterson and Linda Ravenswood, with the input of regular editors Bonnie Bright and Paco Mitchell. Check out the suggestions for topics below, and before submitting, please make sure you adhere to the guidelines. Good luck.

NOTE: Depth Insights took a hiatus for the Spring 2014 issue. Next issue is Fall 2014.


Thank you for your interest in sharing your depth psychology-based work.

Depth Insights is a semi-annual online scholarly e-zine for the Jungian and depth psychology community. Submissions are open to anyone.

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  • Submissions MUST be submitted in APA or Chicago format (please use Chicago A which uses numbers for Chicago style endnotes–NOT Roman numerals) and include page numbers and references or end-notes if applicable.
  • Articles and essays may be of any length up to approximately 4500 words, though shorter easy-to-read pieces (between 500 and 1500 words) are encouraged and welcomed.
  • All submissions must be submitted by the due date for consideration in the upcoming issue.
  • We highly encourage you to include images with your article or essay, but you must have written permission (or be able to get it) from whoever owns the rights for all images you wish to include.
  • We also welcome and encourage cross-referencing related online articles, web pages, videos, images, etc., which we can link to online to create more of a cross-pollination of resources for your topic. Please include links to any of these in your cover letter if you have them.

SUBMISSION LIMIT: 1 article or essay; 2 poems; 5 images per issue

  • Depth Insights requests that you submit only new material that has not already been published elsewhere or that is not widely available on the web.
  • To keep our content fresh and cutting edge, we ask that when submitting to Depth Insights, you not submit the same essay, poem, or art concurrently to any other publication.
  • If your submission is chosen for publication, you retain all copyrights, but must agree not to submit to another publication for at least one year after publication in Depth Insights.

In the cover letter with your submission, please include:

  • your name as you would want it to appear in the publication
  • a short biography of no more than 75 words (for articles/essays only)
  • a description of your original artwork, including medium, name of the piece, etc.
  • your primary email address
  • phone number in case we need to contact you



“Depth Insights” is a semi-annual e-zine published in Fall (September) and Spring (March) that is distributed to all participating members of the online community Depth Psychology Alliance as well as others interested in the fields of Depth and Jungian Psychologies.

Whether you are a seasoned and published writer or someone new to the game, put your passion toward extending Depth Psychology into the world through your writing. The various topics/sections of the eZine to which you can submit include the following:

Depth Psychology (People, Theory, History, Biography, Concepts): This work would be focused on the life, work, and theories of Freud, Jung, or other Jungians or post-Jungians like Marie-Louise von Franz, Edward Edinger, Wolfgang Giegerich, Rafael Lopez-Pedraza, or James Hillman. For example, it may expound on some aspect of Jung’s Life and Work, including any of the various Jungian concepts such as shadow, complexes, dreams, individuation, ego, Self, alchemy, etc. This may include a psychological, historical, or biographical perspective or focus on an event like Jung’s visit to the Taos pueblo or his long-time exchange of letters with physicist Wolfgang Pauli. It may also include an in-depth look at one particular concept such as “dreams” across theories or methods.

Archetype, Myth, or Symbol: This would ideally be an essay that explores one particular archetype or symbol. For example, you may choose to write on the archetype of the Mother, War, Vampire, etc. or you may choose to expound on a dream symbol or something in nature that is significant to you.

Ecopsychology and Nature: This work could describe your own experience in nature or a particular aspect of nature that relates to the human psyche, personal or collective. It could feature a current or past environmental or ecological issue.

Shamanism or Indigenous topics including but not limited to discussion of concepts, practices, traditions, history or contemporary issues faced by indigenous peoples.

Current or Past Events or Phenomena: This include a depth psychological take on events that seize your imagination. For me, it was the issue of the vanishing honeybees from Colony Collapse Disorder which I compared to how our egos go out to gather experience but are failing to return “home to the hive” for integration and sacred communion. I have also written about the massive earthquake in Haiti and its aftermath. For you, it may be a take on what’s happening the environment, politics, the legal scene, or the weather whiplash, etc.

Places: A depth or eco (or terra) psychological look at one particular place can be an homage to that place and a powerful read for others.

Esoteric topics: Many of you are gifted practitioners of astrology, I-Ching, Tarot, divination techniques, and other esoteric subjects that also fascinated C.G. Jung himself. Please share your expertise and submit any of your work which you think others who are interested in depth psychology may benefit.

Film Analysis: This would include a depth psychological, symbolic, or alchemical take on a film (from any era). I once did an alchemical take on “Black Swan” and I’ve seen various good interpretations of Avatar, the Matrix, and other blockbusters. However, we are equally interested in smaller and more obscure movies so don’t hold back if something is speaking to your psyche.

Book Review of any book you find relevant and depth-psychology-related— especially welcome if they are new in the field, although anything that grips you is welcome.

Poetry: Original pieces of any length and style are welcome for submission

Artwork: Photos or scanned images of original artwork in any medium are welcome. We prefer a TIFF image, but a large/high-resolution jpeg is also fine.

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS of essays, poetry, art and video for the Fall 2014 issue is now open.
Deadline for submission: CLOSED

Please email your submission following the guidelines above to and be sure to include “Submission Fall 2014″ in the subject line of your email

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