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Issue #6, Depth Insights FALL 2014 is out!

 Each issue takes hundreds of hours of work.
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Contents include:

The Mythology of Animals
By Joseph P. Muszynski

Jung in the Garden of Eden: A Myth of the Transformation of Consciousness
By Arthur George

Traveling the Royal Road: A Personal Encounter With the Word Association Test
By Drew H. Smith

The Coming Storm: Prophetic Dreams and the Climate Crisis
By Paco Mitchell

God as Intimate Soul
By Paul DeBlassie III

Trauma and Homecoming: Finding a Sense of Place in the Space of Trauma
By Bonnie Bright

Frontispiece for Liber Novus: Biblical Texts on Folio Page One of the Red Book
By Gerald F Kegler

Artemis without Arrows: Aggression Lost and Found
By Betsy Hall

Wotan in the Shadows: Analytical Psychology and the Archetypal Roots of War
By Ritske Rensma

American Cerberus: Meditations on Pit Bulls and the Underworld
By Elizabeth Zinda

Film Review: Stones, Spaceshots, and Shadow Siblings: Symbolic Review of Far Side of the Moon
By Colleen Szabo

Review of Change your Story, Change your Life: Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve Personal Transformation by Carl Greer
By Jesse Howard Lash Masterson

Comic Series “Dreams in World Religion”
By Jeremy Taylor

Lots of poetry and art!

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Online version coming in early November!
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